Idea Mapping: A Tool for Managing Highly Profitable Businesses

In working on complex projects several clients introduced me to the concept of idea mapping as a means of collaborating on and presenting the inter-relationship of ideas. Most company owners and entrepreneurs learn and gain understanding visually rather than by listening, so we found this is a preferred way to examine and vet decision options. Net, idea mapping is a preferred way to collaborate, clarify and agree on and achieve greater effective productivity.Simply, these maps visually connect thoughts.

The software I use to present complex projects is MindJet® If you look at some of the engagement samples shown on the MacDuff site you will get a sense of our approach from developing and launching new businesses, to annual budgeting processes and executing sales campaigns.

The engagements are shown in PDF versions. View the map from 1 pm clockwise to see the sequence of events as they occur, with branches that indicate action and decision pathways. You may need to expand the file to see individual elements. One advantage of the software is that it allows users to imbed comments as well as source files (not available on the PDF versions). Net, project organization is dramatically improved over linear methods.

If you are curious about this concept, I suggest you read “Idea Mapping” by Jamie Nast.


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