MacDuff Partners LLC helps transform companies from transactionally driven to strategically guided

Strategy to us is a cohesive response to a challenge or opportunity. It is neither a document nor a forecast, but rather an overall approach based in the careful diagnosis of your challenges.

We help provide a coherent understanding about the forces at work, and more importantly, insights into the patterns of behavior needed to address those challenges. Our focus is always on what gets done rather than just what gets written or stated.

MacDuff's Business Support Program (BSP)

MacDuff Partners' approach to business building is holistic -- growing from a clearer understanding of both the vision and also the market conditions affecting your ability to compete. We do lots of grunt work -- analyzing facts, gaining insights, and then systematically exploring options that almost always uncover a unique strategic transformation in the way your business is done. Typical engagements last a year or more on a set monthly retainer for a nominally fixed number of hours per month. All of our agreements are transparent and cancelable without penalty at any time, and our value is determined by your satisfaction with each phase of our work.

View some examples of past engagements

Key to the MacDuff process and results are detailed, interrelated Strategic Engagement Maps. These three-dimensional models enable clients to grasp a better understanding of the interrelation of activities and how they impact your business. Click on some of the example Strategic Engagement Maps below...

  • Model Engagement Overview - Overview of business support program.
  • Annual Business Plan - Comprehensive annual profit plan process relating business objectives through detailed programs.
  • Company Acquisition Plan - Develop a decision matrix that enables decision making across semantic and metric value measures.
  • Social e-Commerce Business Plan - Prepare and mentor a comprehensive business plan presentations that simplified but accurately represented the convergence of technologies and financial metrics to investor groups unfamiliar with market.
  • Internet Company Incubation Plan - Create and execute a compelling brand strategy. Base test market implementation on ability to prove financial viability of brand concept.
  • Trade Event Strategy - Develop a comprehensive program to systematically manage its approach to trade for maximum customer acquisition.
  • Competitive Advantage Process - Create and run a workshop program with all technology teams to examine detailed competencies and structure a methodology to bring concepts to business life.
  • Go Public vs. Stay Private - Critically examine and weigh personal values as related to financial reward and life style must haves.
  • The Shape of the Ultimate 21st Century Service Company - Compare responses from world class major companies to those of partners and employees and map a client – centric course to greatness.